need to mock ajax requests?

Just found a decent mocking framework for ajax requests jquery Mockjax It supports all major functions which you normally would use. Hope this helps you with »

Want to work with me?

My employer is currently looking for new staff in Hamburg, Germany you should take the opportunity and apply for a job as "Sales-Manager" or as a »

Slides from the #dec0de Talk

Thanks again for letting me talk at the #dec0de 11/13. Thanks for all people who came along. Here are the links to the #dec0de talk »

Talk at #dec0de in November

I am giving my second talk this year at the #dec0de meetup in hamburg in November, which is in about 2 weeks. I'll be talking about »

Hello World

Hello World This is my first post so far. console.log(['Hello','World','!'].join(' ')); »